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Letter to Preston Manning
Dear Preston:

I read your article in the National Post August 15th, 2001. You called on the Canadian Alliance and the conservatives to cooperate on a joint plan in parliament. You seem to assume that parliament still counts for something.

I have news for you, Preston. The opposition -- you were there -- could not shake the disciplined majority Liberals for the 92 days of questions about the missing billion dollars at HRDC in 2000. The Liberals just brazened their way through. They now have an even bigger majority. So much for parliamentary questions!

Has something changed in the Liberal ranks that they might now respond to pointed questions in parliament? Are they going to fess up to corruption or conflict of interest in high places? Dream on!

Opposition MPs should show their displeasure with parliament by staying away from parliament for the complete session. I realize this will not happen -- too radical. But it might be more effective than those endless useless questions that mean nothing in the long run. The Liberals got a bigger majority despite the questions.

There is only one other slight chance that the opposition might bring about change in parliament. The opposition will have to forget Liberal corruption, the missing billions of dollars, the incoming flood of illegal immigrants -- many terrorists, some with AIDS -- and provinces on permanent welfare. The opposition should call instead for a constitutional conference to be held out West in order to alleviate western alienation. And they should do nothing else but call for this constitutional conference. The subsequent media attention might bring about such a conference and eventually the needed changes.

I realize these are radical ideas. But the next session of parliament is going to be a repeat of the last session. The Liberals are going to walk all over the opposition and they havent even started on amendments to the Access to Information. You are playing straight into the Liberals' hands with your proposals.
Respectfully Submitted
James Bredin
August 15th, 2001

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The Almost Forgotten Policies of the Canadian Alliance

These were the policies that the Canadian Alliance wrote about a year ago (July 2000) but it doesn't matter now because it appears that the Canadian Alliance is disintigrating in front of our eyes. The infighting is as difficult to believe as it is to understand -- all about trivia and pride -- while the Liberals continue to tax and spend and have a good laugh.

It is obvious that even though the Canadian Alliance may have ther correct policies, they do not have the ability or the discipline to pull it off. It seems that all our dreams of pulling Canada back from the brink, have turned to shit.

Here are the once hoped for policies:
1. The Canadian Alliance will cut taxes deeply.
2. Eliminate discriminatory hiring and promotion policies for federally regulated employees.
3. Free trade including the elimination of inter-provincial trade barriers.
4. Consumer protection from financial institutions.
5. Reduce international trade barriers, tariffs and subsidies.
6. Smaller and more efficient federal government.
7. The national debt will be paid down.
8. The mortgage on the national debt will be paid down.
9. Seek free entry of Canadian products into foreign markets and the phased reduction and elimination of all subsidies, support programs and trade restrictions in conjunction with other countries.
10. Farmers will be given the freedom to make their own marketing and transportation decisions.
11. The farmers should be guaranteed access to foreign markets.
12. Canadian fishing fleets should have priority over foreign fleets when granting access to stocks and licenses for fishing in Canadian waters.
13. Local communities should manage and preserve Canadas fish stocks.
14. Improve our transportation system by lowering personal and business taxes.
15. Lower all personal income taxes.
16. Lower business and capital gains taxes to make Canada more competitive and stop the brain drain.
17. Make a simple single rate of taxation for all Canadians.
18. A family tax return for single and dual income families.
19. The government will have to report to the Commons on how it dealt with issued raised in the Auditor Generals report.
20. Government programs will have a sunset clause and the right to private property will be recognized.
21. Property rights should be in the Charter.
22. Less government interference in the lives of Canadians.
23. Families, non-government agencies and communities should be assisted to help those who need assistance to achieve a level of independence of which they are capable.
24. Maintain the present retirement system and eliminate the foreign investment restriction for retirement investments.
25. Government Bills and regulations will be geared for families.
26. No government or agency has the right to interfere with the right of parents to raise their children responsibly according to their own conscience and beliefs.
27. Family means those related by blood, adoption or marriage -- a man and a woman.
28. Prisoners will be safely rehabilitated into society ensuring the safety of Canadians, their families and their property.
29. The rights of the victims of crimes override the rights of criminals. All sex offenders will be registered so that police can monitor their whereabouts.
30. Violent or serious repeat offenders fourteen and over will be tried as adults, as will all offenders sixteen and older.
31. Replace the current firearms law with a practical firearms control system.
32. Prison sentences should be served. Parole should be harder to earn. Multiple convictions should get consecutive sentences. Convicted prisoners should not be permitted to vote.
33. Victims and community should be involved in parole hearings.
34. Canadians should have quality health care.
35. The needs of patients should come first.
36. Canadians should have a choice of natural health care products.
37. Government will cooperate with provinces to internationalize post-secondary education and develop partnerships with organizations that have a stake in the quality of training, education and research.
38. Multiculturalism will not be publicly funded.
39. National parks, museums and historical sites are for all Canadians to enjoy.
40. French-English bilingualism is in but the primary jurisdiction of the provinces has to be respected.
41. French-English bilingualism is in but the primary jurisdiction of the provinces has to be respected. Indians will not have race-based allocation to harvest rights of natural resources.
42. Indians should have the same rights and responsibilities as other Canadians.
43. Individual Indians should have the right to own property.
44. Strike a balance between environmental preservation and economic development.
45. Responsible exploration and development is vital. We will establish a unified and single-window approval process.
46. Federal legislation dealing with water has to respect the jurisdiction of the provinces.
47. We support sponsorship for immigrants of immediate family members.
48. Non-citizens who engage in criminal activity will be deported once their sentence has been served.
49. Bogus refugees and other illegal entrants will be immediately deported.
50. The government safety net for those in need will be restructured to improve but avoid the present complicated, wasteful patchwork of income support programs that overlap.
51. The Unemployment Insurance program will be returned in order to provide temporary income support in cases of unexpected job loss. This will be a provincial matter rather than a federal.
52. The federal government will abide by the constitution, which gives provinces jurisdiction over social services, health, education and training.
53. The armed forces should be trained and equipped to combat capability and the reserve personnel should be at least equal to the Regular force.
54. All armed forces programs, procurements and command structures should be cost-effective and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. We should have a general mobilization plan.
55. Canadian security agencies should more effectively protect Canadians against internal and external security and economic threats in a changing and unstable environment.
56. We will support a foreign polity that protects our sovereignty but we will pay particular attention to maintaining good bilateral relations with our most significant trading partners.
57. Major international agreements must be ratified by Parliament. Parliament will decide about foreign policy and the commitment of Canadian Forces to foreign operations. International law cannot supercede Canadian law. Parliament will be responsible for foreign assistance and international organizations.
58. No foreign aid to governments with a record of human rights violations.
59. The constitution provides that the federal government will administer defence; foreign affairs; monetary policy; regulation of financial institutions; criminal law; equalization; international trade; and inter-provincial trade.
60. The Alliance will seek to establish national standards and the cooperation of the provinces as far as the remainder is concerned.
61 Provinces should have exclusive domain of natural resources; employment training; social services; health; education; social assistance; language; culture; municipal affairs; sports; recreation; housing and tourism. The Alliance confirms that every individual is equal before and under the law.
62 Provinces should be equal before and under the law.
63 Needy provinces will receive equalization payments.
64 The federal government will seek appropriate provincial consent for financing any new program in a field of provincial jurisdiction and provide full compensation for provinces choosing not to participate.
65 We will eliminate unnecessary overlap and duplication between levels of government and provide for clear accountability to the Canadian people.
66 If a province proposes to secede, negotiation will be based on the rule of law, democratic legitimacy and the primary interests of Canada.
67 The Commons will have free votes except for budget and main estimates.
68 MPs should represent their constituents over party and personal views.
69 Appointments to the civil service, the judiciary and government agencies should be made through open and accountable process based on merit.
70 MPs will be paid according to the recommendations of an independent commission according to private sector standards.
71 Senators will be elected.
72 Canadians will have citizen-initiated referenda even for changes to the Constitution.
73 Canadians will have recall initiatives for their MPs permitting voters to petition for a by-election in their riding.
74 We will have fixed election dates.
75 We will use Section 33, the notwithstanding clause, when court decisions conflict with the intent of Parliament or the will of the public.

This document was far from perfect. But this document could have put Canada back on track to where it once was -- a great nation. Don't hold your breath now because the Liberals haven't even started yet and they just raised their wages by $30,000. This document is from a time before the Liberals grabbed Canada by the throat and the Canadian Alliance started fighting among themselves -- long ago when we had a little pride and a little hope.

The now forgotten Policies of the Canadian Alliance


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